Signmark: Fighting

Et voici de nouveau, un super-clip de mon chouchou Marko Vuorenheimo du groupe Signmark. Une ambiance en noir et blanc très classe et une belle musique signée par plein de personnes différentes ! Coup de coeur, une fois de plus !!!! En plus, je le trouve plutôt mignon le Marko ! ^^


Fighting with the picture, can’t fit inside the frame
Shadowboxing the fear that calls me by my name
Feeling, believing that I am something wrong 
That I don’t belong

They’re pointing their fingers,
and painting me gray
I know I’m not worthless
I don’t care what they say
I pray for direction
I’m tired of feeling alone

I’m fighting, I’m fighting fear
I’m fighting, I fight the fear
Be brave — don’t fall down
Be free — do it now!

Fighting the picture, until it leaks
There’s an ocean of colors flowing inside of me
So tired of drowning in my own power 
that I can’t see

A blink of your eye, and you’re awake
Manifest what you radiate
Take my hand, this moment should be shared

Chorus x2

For the ones who are here, you came just in time
For the ones who don’t care, open up your mind
For the ones who ain’t sure, seek and you’ll find
Keep in mind:
You deserve to shine

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